Psa Hygiene Protocols

Psa Hygiene Protocols


Since learning of the arrival of Psa early November 2010, we put in place the changes which meet industry best practice protocols determined by MAF Biosecurity. All sprayers now carry with them:

  • A 5 litre hand sprayer and a disinfectant for covering the sprayer and in particular, the tyres of both the sprayers and trucks
  • A 10 metre length of high pressure hose and hand gun

Prior to arriving at your orchard the sprayer will have been thoroughly washed, disinfected and the truck tyres will have been disinfected. Where possible, we would encourage you or your representative to be on hand on our arrival to check that we have met industry hygiene guidelines.

If you have any concerns, please talk to our drivers and where necessary, the sprayer will be returned to base for washdown and disinfection. If you are satisfied that our machinery meets these new industry hygiene standards, we will proceed with the job requested.

After completion of the spraying on your orchard the sprayer driver will:

  • empty out the tank in the headlands or shelter as per standard practice and return to the tankfill to take on 1-200 litres of clean water
  • connect the 10m hose to the pump on the sprayer and waterblast the vegetation and soil off the sprayer
  • load the sprayer back onto the truck/trailer
  • disinfectant the sprayer, truck tyres, and the driver's footwear before departing to the next orchard

This is a learning process for us all and we value any feedback. We are endeavouring to stay ahead of this issue as best we are able but it is important that you help us where you can. Our task will be made much easier if tankfill standards are checked and a tap and waterblaster is made available handy to the tankfill.

With these protocol changes, old practices are going to be hard to break. For example, if a tankfill fails whilst we are at your orchard, the common practice of getting water from a neighbour's tankfill creates risks for both you and your neighbour. Extra time will be lost if we have to disinfect each time we exit your property and your neighbour's property and there is a cost that will have to be borne. We cannot overemphasise the importance of a good standard of tankfill and washdown facilities.

Our drivers are fully briefed on these protocols and hopefully with your help and cooperation we can meet the challenge facing our industry.